5 Totally Horrible New Years Resolutions

16 December 2014

We hate to break it to you. But New Years Resolutions are a trap. A trap that puts many into a spiral of guilt, especially once the resolutions get broken. Well here are our top five TOTALLY horrible resolutions to steer clear away from and if you do happen to go down that path, we have an answer for that too. 

Gym Resolutions

Oh, the January gym membership resolution. Because if you invest lots of money into a gym, you are surely going to go, right? Well we all know how that one turns out. Gyms are brimming with activity in January, but not so much a few months down the road. It’s an expensive lesson.

If you really want to exercise, make a long-term plan. Begin with walking or other easy or moderate exercises. Work out with out losing motivation. Look into a personal trainer that can help you achieve your health goals without destroying you mentally. Gradually increase your exercise level and stick to your long-term plan. The key is to carefully investigate the details of gym memberships so you can determine how and when it will fit into your life.

Fad Diet Resolutions

Now there is nothing wrong with 'trimming' up after the holidays. However, the problem is that “going on a diet” is setting yourself up for failure. Unless your doctor has recommended a very specific diet for a health condition, you should just forget about strict and fad diets because eventually, you’re bound to stray.

Instead of a “diet,” think about eating for optimal health and wellbeing, and think about it as a lifetime plan, not something with an expiration date. The problem many people have with fad diets is not that you will not see results, it is mainly that people see the results. Go back to eating the way they were eating, and then gain even more weight than they had before. Even if a specific weight is your ultimate goal, a lifetime plan of eating for health will eliminate that temptation to go back to your old ways once you reach your desired weight.

Stress Resolutions

Stress is part of life, so we cannot hope to eliminate all stress. However, we can learn to eliminate some unnecessary stresses in our lives and to manage others better, but just wishing it away - doesn’t make it go away.

Identify your key stresses. If they can be avoided by simply NOT doing something, perhaps it’s time to cut things out of your life. If that’s not an option, you must learn how to manage those stresses and keep them in perspective. Some popular stress reducers are:
    •    30 minutes of exercise every day
    •    massage
    •    spend time with friends that make you laugh
    •    yoga
    •    tai chi
    •    listen to music
    •    Aromatherapy
    •    buy a cat (ok, this may not be viable. But they are so cute though.)

Stop Smoking / Drinking Resolutions

Have you made this resolution before? How many times have you made it? Addictive habits are hard to break and it often takes several tries. If you have messed this one up before, it doesn’t mean you have failed. It only means you have to begin again. Right now. Whether it’s smoking, drinking, or some other bad habit, it is of course a good idea to quit and you certainly don’t need a new year’s resolution to do it.
Seek medical advice and think about joining an addicts group where you can find the support you need.

Job Resolutions

Unsatisfied with your job and want a new one? Easier said than done in this job market. Do you know what you want to do? Do you have the skills and qualifications necessary to do it? How big a change are you willing to make? If you decide to make a change, it’s got to be more than a pipe dream. You need an action plan that includes research into the what, where, why, and how. Network with others who share your goals and ask a lot of questions. Once you’ve set your sights on your goal, don’t let a few setbacks get to you. This one takes persistence and some serious determination, but the potential rewards are many. If you don’t land your dream career this year, don’t quit. Ever. Don't make this a New Years resolution, make it a life decision. The sooner you start, the better! 

Rained all over your resolutions have we? Well we are sorry. But this is what New Years should be about. 

Friends. Spend time with those that make you smile. 

Family. Show family you care, because they will be there for you no matter what.

Love. If you have skipped on love many times, then take a chance, or show the one that loves you that you love them too. 

Fun. Ring in the New Year in a super fun and awesome way. 

and Hope. A New Year means a new beginning. A year of unknowns ahead. If you have hopes and dreams for 2015, make those hopes and dreams come true.