6 Things Women Are Doing Wrong In Their Workouts

7 July 2016

You may consistently work out, eat right, and get as much sleep as your schedule allows. So, why aren’t you seeing any results from your efforts? Here are six mistakes women may be making that are stopping them from reaching their fitness goals.

Steady state cardio (ie. running on a treadmill for 60 minutes or the elliptical for 45 minutes) is not going to burn those extra calories you want… your body is smart, it adapts to any exercise routine you consistently throw at it so exercising for 60 minutes at the same intensity will not burn through that fat
Lean muscle is the ideal fat burner, the more lean muscle we have on our bodies the more calories we burn when we’re resting. no better way to build lean muscle than strength training. strength training continues to burn calories hours after you’ve completed the workout and no it will not make you bulk up 
Abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym so try avoiding an ab focused workout. you will be using your core for every strength training and cardio movement- whilst burning more calories- you do so there isn't a huge need to focus on them
The hour after the workout is completed is the time we need to refuel our body to help our muscles grow. protein should be eaten within this hour window to encourage protein synthesis and proper recovery so you’re ready for your next workout 
Women have an addictive personality when it comes to the gym and therefore a higher chance of overtraining. you need to listen to your body, if you place your body under too much stress with excessive exercise your stress hormones will sky rocket causing your body to retain fat as opposed to shredding it. 
If you expect too much of yourself too soon you will more than likely end up disappointed. make sure when you start out on your life changing journey you give yourself time to improve…bodies don't change over night it will take a while with the correct training program 

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About Anna Foley (HIT45 Trainer)

Born and raised in Australia, Anna’s interest in sport and fitness started at a young age where she competed at an elite level in several sports. Her love of sport continued from studying it at school to university where she completed a personal training qualification and studied nutrition; learning just how vital exercise is for your bodies. Anna is now a trainer at HIT45, book in to one of her classes and expect to come out sweating, breathless and feeling great for the rest of the day!