Chef Series: TABLE

2 September 2016

Meet Executive Chef Sandy Keung, owner of TABLE - a seafood restaurant specialising in depurated seafood, the majority of which are purified using the depuration technique. Depuration is the process where live fish is cleared of their impurities. With the focus being very much on the ingredients, Chef Sandy prepares some of the yummiest seafood dishes in town in various styles, including everything from French, Spanish and Mediterranean to Japanese and Korean. 

Love seafood as much as we do? Chef Sandy shares her recipe for razor clams that is easy-peasy!

Razor Clam, A La Plancha Recipe

Live Scottish Razor Clam
1 tbsp of Red Capsicum Salsa
1 tsp of toasted panko
Salt & Pepper

Red Capsicum Salsa
Red Capsicum (roasted and skin removed)
Garlic (roasted and skin removed)
Roasted pine nuts
Sherry vinegar, Lemon juice
Salt & Pepper

Mix all ingredients for the salsa above and keep in air tight container in the refrigerator till use.

Toasted Panko (Japanese bread crumb)
Japanese bread crumb
Garlic (minced)

Heat EVOO and butter in pan. Add panko, anchovies and garlic and fry till panko is nice and brown.

"This is the perfect dish for summer because it’s sweet, fragrant but slightly undercooked inside, beautiful texture instead of the usual rubbery type. This is something different from how Chinese used to cook Razor Clam – we use minimal seasonings so that people can taste the freshness of the Razor Clam. And this is actually what Table means – ingredients based cuisine." 

Want more from Chef Sandy? You can find her and more of her delicious creations at TABLE. The restaurant uses seasonal produce in its dishes, including lobsters from Australia and the U.S.; oysters from France; Tua Tua surf clams from New Zealand; and razor clams from Scotland, to name just a few. TABLE takes up a 3,000 square foot space and accommodates up to 60 guests. A la carte and set menus are available. Chefs can prepare special menus for diners with dietary requirements, or for private events and parties. 

The Pemberton,
22-26 Bonham Strand,
Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
+852 2815 2367