The Drunken Pot

8 December 2016

The Drunken Pot opens it's 2nd location at V Point in Causeway Bay with exciting items on the menu. Soft opened since 18 November, this second location offers its signature hot pots as well as innovative dim sum dishes for lunch that we can't get enough of. 
Check out The Drunken Penguin (HK$48), cute steamed buns that look like the flightless birds and filled with lotus seed paste, and The Drunken Mon (HK$42), that are pink steamed dumplings shaped like butterflies with a cheese, kimchi, shrimp and pork filling.

The Drunken Penguin

The Drunken Mon

Other dim sum items on the menu include The Dragon Horn (HK$78), a playful version of lobster roll and The Drunken Squid (HK$52), dumplings with shredded squid, shredded black fungus and black truffles in Supreme Soup.

The Drunken Squid

Dessert options include Deep-fried Egg-flavoured Sticks with Cotton Candy and Syrup (HK$38), a lovely swirl of sweetness combined with crispy dough, Egg Custard Tarts (HK$38) - The Drunken Pot Style combines the recipes of Hong Kong puffy egg custard tarts and Macanese egg custard tarts, Sweet Taro Dumplings with Coconut Flakes (HK$48) and more.

Egg Custard Bun

Also available only during lunchtime are other “pot” dishes that will fire up diners’ taste buds, such as Sichuan Poached Sliced Perch in Hot Chili Soup (HK$198), that come with The Drunken Pot’s flaming presentation. Other enticing lunch options include nourishing soups, such as Fish Maw and Snow Ear Fungus Soup Pot (HK$68), and Mini Coconut and Chicken Pot (HK$138).

Lobster Roll

During the soft opening period, diners can enjoy discounts of 20% for lunch and 15% for dinner on all food and drink items until 30 November 2016, and they can bring their own bottle of alcoholic drinks to the restaurant until 15 December.  

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The Drunken Pot at V Point 
27th Floor, V Point, 
18 Tang Lung Street, 
Causeway Bay
+852 2323 7098