24 August 2015

PI’A is the labour of love of fashion stylist and creative consultant Priscilla I’Anson.  Priscilla studied fashion in Australia and then started her career at Lane Crawford, however she soon took the brave step to become a freelance stylist and consultant and has not looked back since.  

PI’A encapsulates Priscilla’s personal style aesthetic - well made clothes that empower women and remain classic and timeless yet incredibly elegant.  Clothes from PI’A Collection should not wear the woman - the woman should bring her personality to the clothes to make them hers.  As Priscilla says “Be The Twist”.

PI’A’s first collection consists of well-tailored pieces with clever detailing which makes each piece individual yet extremely wearable.  Clever play on men’s shirts made into a feminine piece, playful proportion plays to classic pieces - all make the collection extremely covetable yet all at an affordable price.  The idea is to encourage women to buy into the collection and enjoy wearing PI’A.


Priscilla is hosting the launch of PI’A, where everyone will be able to see the collection, in person!  
Make sure to RSVP and “Be the Twist”!