Genie Juicery's NEW Soup Cleanse

2 December 2016

All you health nuts out there -- get excited -- because we sure are! Genie Juicery launches a soup cleanse that looks delcious AND nutritious. With the percentage of people that eat out 7 days a week constantly going up, the need and demand for healthy options is high! Genie Juicery's fast, convenient juice cleanses totally won us over since 2011. We expect the same happy results from their new soup cleanses. Fast, easy, nutritious and WE didn't have to slave over the stove for some delicious soup?! Sign us up!

One of the biggest factor that influenced the company to launch this product is the unpredicted and ever changing weather of Hong Kong that usually causes lots of illness and discomfort.
Genie Juicery says, 'soup cleansing is no doubt going to be the next big thing in the health and wellness world, it is designed to fight inflammation, heart complications, fatigue, and other
health issues while supporting healthier skin and digestive system.' 

All of their products do not contain any added sugars, preservatives, chemicals or any other additives. All Soups are available at all 3 locations, IFC, Hollywood Road, Sai Ying Pun.

Retail Price per serving:
• Green Pea Soup $68
• Tomato, Chickpea & coconut Soup $68
• Carrot Turmeric Soup $68
• Spinach & Cashew Soup $68
• Farmhouse Broth $38
• Soup Cleanse Retail price (per day) $310

Online Cleanse Price:
• 1 Day Cleanse $400
• 2 Day Cleanse $700
• 3 Day Cleanse $1,050
• 4 Day Cleanse $1,250
• 5 Day Cleanse $1,700
• 6 Day Cleanse $2,000