#GIVEAWAYTIME JAB Mixed Martial Arts

27 January 2016

Whatever your goal is; whether it’s to fit into those elusive skinny jeans, train to have fun and meet new people, to become bigger, faster & stronger, JAB promises to get you there. JAB is centrally located on Queens Rd, Central (across from the Centre) and is one of the longest serving Private Gym studios in Hong Kong.

JAB started in 2005 originally as a boxing gym (hence the name) and over the years has evolved into a full MMA gym on the 1st floor and a Fitness suite on another floor.   

JAB offers fitness training at it’s best and is equipped to help get you there.  JAB utilizes free weights, modified strongman training, neurological training and metabolic training principles to develop all aspects of your fitness and wellbeing. JAB follows several elite training methods from Charles Poliquin (one of the world’s most sought after and results driven strength coaches) to Marinovich Dynamic Integration system (promotes the involvement of the central nervous system to correct movement patterns). Don’t let the big words and names put you off though [the point is] JAB knows how to train you based on your goals. 

Some of the Fitness options that are available at JAB:

  • Lunch time HIIT classes (male & female): are offered three times a week (mon, wed and Friday at 1pm). The goal of this class is to gain lean muscle and also to lose fat through a combination of bodyweight exercise, short burst of intense cardio and kettlebell or dumbbell weights.
  • Female only BOOT CAMPS for 12 week blocks: A very comprehensive programme which starts with hormonal + nutrition assessments and movement testing. Training in groups of a maximum of 10 girls per group, allowing for a lot of 1:1 time with the coach.  
  • 12 week Boxing Programmes (male & female): 2 types of boxing programmes open to both clients. 1 is more technical and is 5 days a week (7am & 7pm  mon-fri) and is for anyone looking to enter into a white collar boxing fight (very popular in Asia). The second option is Tuesday & Thursday lunch times (1pm) and is more for people that enjoy Boxing as a workout routine to lose weight and get in better cardiovascular health.   
  • 12 week Corporate groups (male & female): This “networking through sweat” programme is hugely popular in the U.S. These groups are also capped at a maximum of 10 participants. In these sessions, you train with either clients or team mates for 2 goals-fitness goals & better work relationships.  You and your colleagues or clients train together 3 times a week using both weight training and cardiovascular training designed to get you fitter, leaner and stronger, while building critical work relationships to last through the year.
  • Personal Training: this is can be 1:1 training or can also be groups of you and 4 friends sharing a session (the cost & the pain.) These sessions will be completely tailored for you- your goals, your body type and your timeframe. They recommend at least 3 sessions a week if you want to see the best results.  


Our friends at JAB have a fabulous New Year's Giveaway. One lucky winner will win the following: 

- 2 months unlimited class membership
- A full lifestyle & hormonal assessment (including body fat testing, review of body toxicity etc)
- 3 free Personal Training sessions
Total valued at HK $7,500

***This Giveaway has ended, the Winner will be emailed***

For more information about the giveaway or JAB, head on over to www.jabmma.com or call 2851 6684