Healthy Eats, Singapore 2016

11 January 2016

Are you ready for a change from the excessive eating of the past month? Whilst I love all the foods of the season, not to mention Champagne and the excuses to splurge, it’s time to take a bit of a reality check and get some healthy food into me, now that the new year is with us. That doesn’t mean that food should be bland or boring though. Quite the contrary, these five options in Singapore give you great, healthy food that will leave you feeling full and satisfied.

Grain Traders 

The food at Grain Traders is a step up from almost every other healthy meals around town. The choices, flavours and quality of the food are of the highest quality and flavours. The location itself, right in the middle of town, lends itself perfectly to the famished, city crowd. Get there either early, like 11.30am, or late, like 2.30pm, to make sure you miss the lunch time rush. 
The standard thing for ordering is to pick your own mix; choose a grain, a protein, a hot veg, two cold veg, one sauce and one topping, all for $16 (nett). Alternatively pick one of Grain Traders signature options like the ‘Upstream’ with gorgeously charred salmon, spices, a good dob of wasabi mayo, served with kale, pumpkin, sprouts and a dukkah type smattering of spices that are delicious. 

138 Market Street,
#01-01, Capita Green Singapore (the entrance is on Cross Street)
Open Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm


Aloha Poke, pronounced Aloha Pok-ay, is a Hawaiian thing, a raw salad that most often includes some sort of seafood like tuna or salmon. Other elements include soy sauce, sesame oil, chilli, lime and perhaps some seaweed. The flavours are what I’d call a hybrid Asian style, a little bit Japanese, a little bit Korean, and now that Aloha Poke has come to town, it’s a little bit Singaporean too. 

Like many of the popular salad places around town, ordering your food involves filling in a form that asks you to choose between protein (salmon, tuna or vegetarian in different marinades), flavour (like wasabi or spicy), add ons (like carrot, edamame, almonds) and a superfood. The standard serving size is generous. A big bowl stuffed full of tuna (150g of it), leaves, rice, avocado, carrot, almonds and some fish roe for garnish. The dressing has a light and tasty sesame oil flavour. Aloha also take lunch orders in advance, quite a handy feature if you’re busy. 

92 Amoy Street,
Open Monday to Saturday
11.30am to 2.30pm and 5.30pm to 11pm


The Cup recently opened near Dhoby Ghaut, at the bottom of the POMO centre. The menu choices are Korean in style, bibimbap, noodles and a few side dishes. The quality is good, although I was disappointed when I asked for a veggie version of the bibimbap (it is normally served with beef) and I paid the same amount but didn’t seem to get any extra veggies :( 

The mushroom and beef bulgogi was tasty and although they’re a bit heavy on the sauce the flavours are good, as is the freshness of the ingredients. The Cup is the kind of place that’s a great option for after work or a quick lunch that will fill you up. 

1 Selegie Road,
Open Monday to Sunday 10am to 10pm

ABC Boulangerie

The  Executive Chef at ABC Boulengerie has recently been working with a nutritionist to develop a new menu that supports healthier eating. To me this is a further sign of the current obsession with healthy eating, and the fact that a boulangerie is taking this trend into account for their menu really impresses me. 

The menu has a good range of healthy options. Whilst there are plenty of baked goods, burger options and pastas, the big salads are a great alternative. I went for a quinoa salad with lentils, fennel and parmesan and I decided to add an egg on because everything is better with an egg on ;) The serving size turned out to be very generous, even without the addition of the egg. The salad was served warm too, which wasn’t what I was expecting but it made it seem all the more hearty. I also went off piste and ordered a flat white to see how ABC went making coffee. It turns out quite well. All in all, this is another good place to drop in for a meal. There are half a dozen or so branches around town, including a new one at Robertson Quay. 

118 Killiney Road, Singapore
Opening times vary between branches, Killiney is open daily from 8am to 10pm


Fill-a-Pita is possibly the best value healthy meal in town. For $5 (half size) or $8 (full size) you get a bowl of Koshari Rice that, I promise you, will dispel any reservations you’ve ever had about vegetarian food. The generous bowl is full of organic brown rice, lentils, spicy red pepper sauce and macaroni, and you can add in a side of olives and hummus just to bulk it up (I went for the half size and did this, it’s the perfect combo). 

The Koshari Rice is only available on Thursday or Friday though so if you’re there on another day then go for the Fava Pita or the (baked not fried) falafel or even a labna cheese with pita bread or a tabbouleh salad with pita bread or just a mixed salad, all for less than $10 each. A real bargain and lovely people working there as well :)

3 Pickering Street, China Square Central
#01-29 Nankin Row, Singapore
+65 9835 1446
Open 11.30am to 3pm Monday to Friday
12pm to 3pm Saturday


Victoria has travelled to over 45 Countries, explored and immersed herself into each culture while hunting down the best food. In Singapore since 2011, Victoria makes sure that her foodie reccomendations are always authentic and delicious. When she’s not traveling or eating, Victoria is busy trying to burn off calories in a half marathon somewhere crazy.

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