The Importance Of Business Networking

6 August 2014

Networking helps you to build contacts for your future. Your contacts can range from your closest friends, to professionals you have met before, to people you met on a night out in our beloved LKF, or met at a business meeting. Business networking is a fabulous tool and shouldn’t be underestimated, it is easy, attainable and worth it. 

Getting into the grind of networking is easy! It is always easiest to start networking with the people to whom you are closest with, such as friends, family, neighbors, present and former co-workers/employers, faculty, classmates, and anyone else with whom you have frequent contact.

Work it! A high percentage of jobs are found through friends, relatives, personal contacts, and direct application. This informal and personal job finding methods are often referred to as "networking". Networking involves developing your contacts and connecting with people; it is asking people if they are aware of job openings for someone with your qualifications, or if they know other people that can help you locate the unadvertised jobs. If done well, it may actually lessen your job search time by turning personal contacts and direct applications into interviews and, hopefully, job offers. If you don't ask, you will never know. 
History counts! Keep in touch with former employers, mentors, professors, classmates, colleagues, interns, supervisors, anyone who could be a potential lead for a job. Technology, apps, facebook, Linkedin, twitter, phones, letters, even messenger pigeons, can be made available at every corner and help you to keep track of old contacts from years ago, just use it. 
Maximize your time! With resume in one hand and want-ads in the other, you're prepared to land the job of your dreams, right? It may surprise you to know that approximately 60-70 percent of hires result from good old fashioned networking. The more you cultivate your network, the greater chance you have of being hired quickly. Use your time wisely, if you have extra time on your hands, organize your contacts, and take the time to stay in contact. It will be worth it. 





image from bgnonline