Jas Josland, Musician

4 September 2015

Meet Jas Josland, Musician

1. What advice would you have for someone looking to get into the same role and industry as you?
Work hard.  Know your craft. Find inspiration everywhere. Treat everything as an opportunity.  Talent = Hard work … day in, day out.

2. What have you learnt from your years working in the industry?
An overnight success is 10 years in the making!

3. What career books would you recommend reading?
I’m constantly reading Artists' Autobiographies.  I believe if you want to do something well – reach out to someone who has already done it – and learn from them.   One book that’s like a bible to me is ‘The Success Principals’ by Jack Canfield – I currently use this as a reference to stay on track.

4. What should always be taken seriously? What should never be taken seriously?
Staying true to yourself, honesty and loyalty. The small stuff – sometimes you look back and think ‘What was I so worried about!’ 
Laughter is key, and I’m talking about the stomach moving, molar showing ‘guffaw’ type.

5. Can you name a person who has had a tremendous impact on you? Maybe someone who has been a mentor to you? Why and how did this person impact your life?
Bon Jovi. After being backstage at his concert then seeing the show I decided I wanted to become a Rockstar – so one day I could say say ‘oh my friend Jon’ as cheesy as that sounds … I’ve been working for it ever since.

6. What’s the number one thing you want to achieve in the next five years?
Becoming an Internationally successful musician, Friends with my current Idols, Having the financial freedom to tour and travel where I want, whilst playing amazing venues and spreading my music around the world.

7. What is your favorite Networking conversation starter / ice breaker?
Hello … Do you know Bon Jovi? ….  haha

8. What is your favorite Hong Kong restaurant(s)?
The Brickhouse 

9. Where is your favorite place to brunch in Hong Kong?    
Roundhouse and Prune Organic Deli

10. What is something you are looking forward to in 2015?  
Performing at TEDx HongKong2015 “Lift Off” and The Secret Island Party

11. In order of importance, how would you rank: happiness, money, love, health, fame?
1) Happiness 2) Love 3) Health 4) Money 5) Fame … Although I believe happiness covers the first four of these … A friend once Said ‘Money can’t buy Love' – but her response was – 'yes but it sure could distract me for a while!’