Networking Groups in Hong Kong

3 December 2014

Whether you are new to Hong Kong or have been living here for years, it can be difficult to meet people and develop a good support system professionally. Hong Kong has a wealth of professional, educated and high caliber population that are all active within the community, attend networking events, and are a part of some fabulous networks and associations out there. When considering what network you would like to be a part of, here are a few that we recommend: 
BNI is one of the oldest and largest business and professional organizations in Hong Kong. They allow only one person from each profession to join a chapter.
A great way to meet and find a good support system. They offer a $300/annual fee membership, which includes access to mostly FREE or some discounted events, all very informative in nature.
This is a great group dedicated to networking and connecting people of all managerial levels. They also organize events for them.
This is a LGBT network. A monthly event is held on the third Tuesday of every month, where like-minded people come together to meet old and new acquaintances. 
They offer a range of services for a membership fee. WIC holds at least one event per month, and offer a targeted marketing method to their female network of up to 28,000 women. 
A community of digital-world-savvy people, who work in (or are just curious about) the internet and social media. They hold networking events in Hong Kong, Singapore, Beijing, Bangkok, and more. 
A global network of international professionals interested in Asian business and partnerships. They offer quality networking events, with a focus on Asia.
WiPs brings together a dynamic range of women working in the publishing industry and also hold regular events and discussions on a wide range of topics, such as: secrets of self-publishing; developments in the English language; self-employment tax issues; travel writing; the ins and outs of preparing book reviews; editorial challenges; writing for magazines; legal and copyright issues; the art of interviewing and writing profiles; poets sharing their survival secrets; and professional development courses.