New & Notable: Awtar

15 December 2015

NOW OPEN: Awtar is Hong Kong's newest Mediterranean restaurant, bringing authentic Mediterranean fare, top-quality original cocktails and premium shisha in the heart of Soho. Ths two-story establishment is a great new hang out for you, your friends, family or colleagues. We love how Hong Kong keeps giving us more. More fresh produce. More flavors -- and a plethora of choices to chose from. We are excited to add Awtar to the rotation and wanted to share what's 'New & Notable' this week. With the holiday season well and truly here, we plan on spending a many nights here celebrating!

Inspired by authentic Mediterranean culinary tradition where Greek, Turkish, Lebanese and southern European influences combine, the food is truly delightful - flavorful - and delicious. Just stopping by to wet your whistle? Check out the 'Jasmine' -- Absolut Vodka with jasmine tea, jasmine-infused sugar, elderflower and lemon juice or the 'Almond Coffee Martini'.

Almond Coffee Martini
 -- Absolut vodka with coffee, Kahlua, almond syrup and topped with almond essence foam

For wine lovers, Awtar’s wine list will feature many varietals sourced during extensive research trips to The Mediterranean. This includes a Lebanese vintage - bottled for Awtar to serve exclusively to its guests.

Beyond food and drink, Awtar is also a destination for an elegant pastime: the enjoyment of traditional shisha, served in a venue that naturally promotes relaxation with each floor reserving a dedicated outdoor space for practicing this art. Awtar will serve shisha in glass narghiles – an elegant type of water pipe – with organic coconut charcoal and real fruit-infused water for the well. Awtar also offers a fresh fruit option that places organic fruits at the head of the narghile, directly infusing the aroma and flavour of fruit into each draw. From double apple to coconut, lemon mint to cappuccino, Awtar offers an awesome selection. A smoothing ice pipe is available along with disposable, interchangeable pipes for the hygiene-conscious.

Happy Eating Hong Kong!

G/F, 23 Staunton Street, 
Soho, Central
+852 2530 5900

11:30am – late