New & Notable: Bistro Seoul

27 September 2016

It is clear that the world, including Hong Kong, can't get enough of all things Korean and because of this Bistro Seoul is our next 'New & Notable' restaurant. Occupying a two-floor building, Bistro Seoul serves traditional, authentic Korean cuisine blended with a contemporary experience. Bistro Seoul boasts Korean Chefs as well as air flown fresh ingredients, everything from vegetables, top quality Korean beef, Incheon rice and more.

One of the highlights at Bistro Seoul is the unique premium Korean wine with over 20 selections, ranging from Makgeolli, Takju, Yakju to Soju. The best way to kick off the Korean feast is with our wine sampler, which can choose liquors from sweet, tangy, dry/bitter, nutty, floral, fruity notes. The set of 3 sampler tasting starts at a super affordable HK$90.

Pork Rib Stew with Long Cabbage Kimchi

Mouth-watering signature dishes at Bistro Seoul include Pan-fried homemade Korean veggie dumplings served with Gochujang vinaigrette salad, Pork Rib Stew with Long Cabbage Kimchi. The grilled delicacy Eonyang-style Bulgogi features the sliced beef marinated in sweet soy sauce with assorted mushrooms and don't miss out on their stir-fried spicy octopus with cold noodles and water celery -- yum! 

Korean Veggie Dumpling with Gochujang Vinaigrette Salad

From the Korean wine section, check out the Moonbaesool a pear-scented Soju made with sorghum, millet and nuruk – the traditional fermentation starter culture made from wild grain and natural mould. The recipe was originated from Pyeongyang, North Korea and passed on to five generations. It is such an iconic drink that is was named a Korean ‘National Cultural Intangible Property’. It pairs particularly well with seafood.
Shop G22-23, Avenue Walk,
Lee Tung Avenue, 200 Queen’s Road East,
Wan Chai, HK
+852 3752 2882

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