New & Notable: Yayakiya

11 April 2016

Opened since spring 2015, Hong Kong’s stylish Yakitori Grill Bar, Yayakiya, launches a 'new and notable' seasonal menu. The new menu highlights specialties and 'hama-yaki' delicacies showcasing the freshest ingredients and seafood jet-fresh from Japan.

“Hama” is defined as “shore” or “seaside” and “yaki” as “grill”, the term hama-yaki translates to a traditional Japanese way of grilling seafood specialties by the shore.  At Yayakiya, hama-yaki is served up in two different sets, which features three / five types of seasonal seafood specialities such as Hokkigai, Prawn, Whelks, and Scallops (HK$340 / HK$480), depending on seasonal availability.  A-la-carte options are also available, ranging from HK$48 to HK$120 per item. 

To welcome spring, Yayakiya also introduces a variety of seasonal dishes which include Japanese Chicken with Consommé (pictured below the curry - HK$158), Hakata Ox Intestine Pot (HK$138), Hakata Grilled Pork Knuckle (HK$58), and Grilled Curry Rice (pictured below - HK$58). Foodies with a penchant for tempura will enjoy Yayakiya’s unique tempura specialities which include Chicken from Hakata (HK$58), Mackerel (HK$58), and Spanish Iberico Pork (HK$63).


For guest enquiries or reservations, please call +852 2723-9833.

G/F, 29-31
Chatham Road South (or Hart Avenue)
Tsim Sha Tsui
+852 2723-9833