POP Culture Halloween Costume Ideas

14 October 2015

There's no season like costume season, and Halloween is the time when Pottinger Street, Ladies Market and other costume stores get swamped with people looking for some spook-tastic-inspiration. From Miley Cyrus, to Disney - from sexy, to zombie, face it - there is no way you are going to escape the madness that follows the 31st of October,. For Halloween, there are always the classic costumes to fall back on, but here are five POP idea favorites that you may want to strut around Lan Kwai Fong this year: 

Miley Cyrus has an array of ridiculous-now-signature looks from her time on the VMA's this year. 

Beyonce & her KALE sweatshirt.

Missy Elliot threw down one of the best surprise performances that made those of us in our 30s do some serious shoulder shaking this year. If you can work it, then do it, pay homage to the original queen of hip hop. 

The elections may be more than a year away, but American's around the world will definitely appreciate the humour in dressing up as either Donald Trump / Hillary Clinton this year. 

Last but not least, Cookie Lyon from 'EMPIRE'. We may or may not be influenced by our recent binge of season 1 and release of season 2 just a couple of weeks ago, but the looks of Cookie Lyon are fierce and can easily be put together. Pair it with some Attitude!