26 April 2016

With Summer around the corner, also comes the season for Summer Love.
We have some good friends getting married and with all this love in the air,
We just had to share some good vibes, good feelings, and relationship goals. 

For those hopeless romantics, people in relationships (or looking for a relationship), 
People who love - Love.
Here are our favorite #goals.

1. There's nothing like finding your other half - to color run with you.

2. Climb every mountain together.

3. Take risks together.

4. Cook together.

5. Write you love letters, while they are away.

6. Make matching wall papers together. (Cuteness level +2million)

7. Netflix & literally chill (& eat cheesey pizza with). 

8. Travel together.

9. Find the one you want to build a family with. <3  

10. Grow old together with.

Love is awesome.