So, You're Thinking of Joining a Chamber of Commerce

29 May 2014

Joining a local Chamber of Commerce can be a smart move for your business / professional life. Businesses that participate in these groups, offer venues to meet, promote each other and work together. Your own business can grow and prosper quickly if you're an entrepreneur, or your next business deal for work can happen at a networking event. Here are just a few ways you can benefit by joining your local Chamber of Commerce:
  • Share your services / products with your fellow Chamber members.
  • Line up some lunchtime sales or parties.
  • You can find out about local events where you might set up a booth and promote your business.
  • Feature your products at local businesses, seasonal bazaaars. 
  • Share special offers with your Chamber Members, discounts to their colleagues and employees.
  • Offer to sponsor events, build awareness for yourself.
  • You may qualify for less-expensive health insurance and business insurance available to Chamber of Commerce members.
  • You'll meet good, reliable sources for products and services like accounting, printing, computer support, etc. Word-of-mouth is gold in Hong Kong!
  • Due process, you will naturally be referred to, by other Chamber members' contacts. Treat these referrals the best, and more referrals will head your way.
  • You have a good chance of meeting local retailers who may be interested in carrying your products / sharing your company with their contacts.
  • You'll have an opportunity to do joint ventures with other local businesses, such as cooperative advertising or trunk shows.
  • Because Chambers of Commerce generally work on civic improvement, legislation favoring local businesses, and economic development, your business name can be associated with improving the community.
  • You may have access to mentors who can help you develop your business; or you may be able to serve as a mentor to someone else.

In no particular order, here are some Chambers of Commerce to consider in Hong Kong. Make sure you read everyone's mission statement, check out their events, and be selective when chosing the right Chamber for you. 

The Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce

German Chamber of Commerce

American Chamber of Commerce

US Chamber of Commerce

European Chamber of Commerce

The Indian Chamber of Commerce Hong Kong
The Australian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong
The Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong

Spanish Official Chamber of Commerce

The Belgium-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce
British Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong
The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong

Italian Chamber of Commerce

French Chamber of Commerce