TŌTL M.E. 2-in-1 Mascara and Eyeliner Review

8 July 2015

By Jen R.

I am always on the look out for an amazing mascara. While I admit to loving a good set of false lashes, and have been know to sport some beautiful extensions, a good ole tube of mascara is the easiest quickest and often best tool in my, overflowing make up bag. Last week I was able to get my hands on the new TŌTL M.E 2-in-1 Mascara and eyeliner by MYH Cosmetics and may I say it is simply brilliant!

In creating TŌTL M.E., MYH’s founder, Melanie Yeh Hofmann, set out to make a smart and savvy product that could measure up to hectic schedules and overloaded handbags. She envisioned TŌTL M.E. to be a timesaving product that offered unprecedented convenience over conventional mascaras and eyeliners.

I've already mentioned the massive amount of make up taking up my bag, it is spilling forth onto my counter and encroaching onto my poor defenseless husbands side of the bathroom. This 2-n-1 concept saves me a little room, and cuts down on my eye liner search (I can never find the tiny tube)! 

To use you simply open the tube and twist the bottom portion, the liner brush will appear from inside the mascara comb, you will need to wipe the spare product off and then apply.  It went on smoothly and easily. Then I retracted the liner brush and applied the mascara. The product is a little thinner than what I normally use, so I put two coats on, this however is perfect for thinner lashes that may often have a hard time holding up the weight of other products. TŌTL M.E. definitely volumized my lashes, I loved the look and the ease of use!


As hot as it has been, the product never smudged or dripped, and it cleaned off easily, with warm water and a cotton pad -- which I appreciated! Over all the TŌTL M.E. 2-in-1 Mascara and Eyeliner is a win, and perfect for every woman on the go out there!

Now available and delivers worldwide, TŌTL M.E. is priced at USD 24.99 (HKD 195) www.myhcosmetics.com