Welcome to The Edge

18 March 2014

We are proud to introduce our new networking interface. In a fast paced city with too many places, too many people to meet and so little time per day, our team here at ‘The Edge’ has strived to create a platform that is fun, helpful and interactive for the user.

With our focus on Hong Kong, The Edge will bring monthly and seasonal events at Hong Kong’s hippest locations, hosting movers and shakers of all kinds. Hong Kong’ians have created a culture where corporate meetings are taken to restaurants, bars, clubs, and even on to boats. The fine lines between pleasure and business are often blurred thus creating a fun environment to conduct, connect and grow. A close-knit city like Hong Kong works at it’s best after hours, where we will thrive and offer a variety of people to meet and greet at our monthly events.

In addition, we have dug deep into our contacts to offer a blend of spotlights on various industry experts and collected contributors in different fields. They all offer their insider secrets, advice on how to break into the industry, favorite hangouts and personal experiences.

We hope you enjoy the services we provide and keep an eye out for any of our upcoming events around town. Enjoy our website, enjoy Hong Kong with The Edge.


The Edge Team